About Ball Bearing Adventures

Kogel Bearings is a business founded and run by bike nerds. We are aficionados of everything pedal powered, with a special soft spot for the high end, the Lamborghini and Dom Perignon of the  bicycle world.

In the process of developing and selling bicycle products we rack up  an insane amount of travel miles. We visit bike shops, frame builders, professional race teams  and local group rides. This blog is  here to report on those adventures. We want to share all those  experiences with  the bike geeks of  the world.

The blog  is split between our  adventures and technical features. We truly believe that being  open and informative about our products is going  to help our customers appreciate them more.

If you have any questions for  the team at Kogel Bearings, please do ask them, we are here  to answer and do not  shy  away  from many subjects.

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An entertaining view on the bicycle world. Always professional, rarely scientific.