About Kogel Bearings

Kogel Bearings makes high quality ball bearings for bicycles and the biggest range of bottom brackets to fit any crank and frame without adapters.


• High quality ball bearings that we back up with a warranty

Starting from hybrid ceramic, grade 3, ABEC 5 ball bearings, we developed two seal and grease options: one for road cycling, one to cover all applications that require more protection: mountain biking, cyclo cross and commuting.

• Fitting any crank and frame without adapters

Part two of our journey led us to tackle an industry wide problem of ever expanding bottom bracket and crank standards. Trying to make those fit with adapters and shims has always felt like fixing a broken leg with band aids to us.

The entire line of Kogel Bearings bottom brackets is designed to stop creaking while increasing the overall stiffness of the bottom bracket area. Every single item will hold in a frame with grease, not glue or epoxy.

• Exceptional service and warranty

All Kogel Bearings products are backed with a very flexible 1+1 year warranty. The first year with very few questions asked. A bearing service, which includes, cleaning, greasing and replacing the seals, extends the warranty for another year. We have set up our procedures in such a way that any skilled mechanic can easily execute it. Warranty cases are handled instantly, we want you back on the road or trail as quickly as possible.
Kogel Bearings adds the highest level of service to the highest level of products. We will pick up the phone after 6pm and return your calls if we missed them.

The line of bottom brackets and bearing products is unmatched in the cycling world. We have successfully introduced these products to our key retailers before we took it to the internet. Please download the bottom bracket selection tool to find the article of your choice. A few niche products are still missing and some are not even on the chart, but available. Those huge bearings for the Look Zed2 cranks? Got ’em! Fitting a Shimano crank on asymmetric Synapse Carbon frames? Working on it!

Please do not be a stranger, we are here to help and fix bottom bracket problems with you. Contact us at any time. Mechanical challenges do not follow business hours and we are very well aware of that.

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2 thoughts on “About Kogel Bearings”

  1. bb90 trek madone. Having to replace non pull bearing about every 3 months. Have only used steel bearing. Very rarely ride in wet weather.
    Will ceramic bearing help extend life of bearing.

    1. David,
      Every three months sounds like a hassle. Consider our bearings with cross seals, they are bomb proof.
      I have emailed you our installation manual. Using the proper tools and techniques for installation is crucial to get the maximum out of any bearings.


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